The Harper Family built the two-story brick structure in 1928 as a Ford Dealership, which continued until 1970 before it became Armstrong Ford.  In 2005 the Jackson Family purchased the building and it served as the home of the family business, The Jackson Group, from 2005 to 2018.

Zagaroli Construction Company completed the renovation for the Jackson Family, keeping many of the beautiful features of the 1920’s building such as the original pressed tin ceiling and the terrazzo floor in the lobby.

A common belief is that the beautiful arched window on the front of the building, flanked by the two small port-hole windows, was built to resemble the front of an old Ford car.


General Features

  • 2.5 story building with a total of 11,023 square footage suitable for tenants
  • Street-level access to 1st Avenue SW on the Main level
  • Private parking lot for up to 20 vehicles directly behind the building with basement access
  • Shared side parking lot for up to an additional 25 vehicles
  • Elevator between the Ground and Main levels
  • Possibility of leasing additional portions of the building as needed



  • 5,763 square feet
  • Offices (16)
  • Conference room
  • Large work area
  • Small work area
  • Reception area and desk
  • Lobby
  • Restrooms (2)
  • Outdoor balcony


Upper Mezzanine Level  (NOT AVAILABLE)

  • 1,209 square feet
  • Standard office (1)
  • Large office or work area
  • Library/sitting area


Ground Level (Basement) – AVAILABLE SPACES

  • 4,051 square feet total
  • Offices (9)
  • Large work areas (4)
  • Restrooms (2)


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